Group LifeSpring is an integrated human health group spanning the value chain from discovery to care delivery. Group LifeSpring is supported by Nadathur Holdings and Investments and helps drive its human life science interests. Our focus is on chronic care solutions for Asian and developing markets. Group LifeSpring has built differentiated value propositions in each business by leveraging scientific knowledge (especially biology and clinic), and are engaged with business to business as well as business to consumer models, having built both products and service driven businesses.

Group LifeSpring has over 750 employees and represent a large concentration of scientific talent - Doctors, MDs, Ph.Ds, M.Pharm - in India, outside of the largest academic institutions. Our companies include

  • Connexios www.connexios.com - Chronic Health Management Company,
  • Indegene www.indegene.com - Integrated Pharmaceutical Services Company, and
  • Shanthi Hospital & Research Centre (Surgical Specialty Hospital with Clinical Research Capabilities)