Connexios is managed by a small, entrepreneurial team which includes:
  • Suri Venkatachalam founded Connexios in 2003 with a team of five people and the vision of creating a unique organisation based on a rational and first-principles approach to drug discovery and development. Today, Suri continues to lead from the front, bringing to the organisation an exuberant passion for science, which is shared throughout the team. Suri`s cross-disciplinary background, (Bachelor`s in Chemical Engineering, PhD in Condensed Matter Physics and post-doctoral research in Neuro-biology) have contributed to creating a culture with strong elements of integration, problem solving and constant improvement. Suri is a serial entrepreneur. His first venture was in agricultural biotechnology with a company he co-founded in 2000 called Metahelix, which is today a leader in its field. He is a founding director of Group Lifespring and also a co-founder of Achira Labs, a Bengaluru based start-up that is developing a unique microfluidics based technology platform for molecular diagnostic applications.
  • Jagannath, Chief Scientific Officer at Connexios has been instrumental in shaping the Company`s science strategy and is responsible for the several firsts that Connexios has seen in R&D. He is a creative scientist, with the ability to think at multidisciplinary levels. It is this combination of both expansive and detailed research that is enabling Connexios to create a view of disease in all its complexity, from the molecular and mechanistic underpinnings to systemic manifestation in the clinic. With a scientific training in Microbiology and Cell Biology (PhD from Indian Institute of Sciences), Jagannath today leads a team of extremely talented and dedicated scientists from various disciplines with the shared vision of doing cutting edge research from Bengaluru, India.
  • Govind is one of the founding members of Connexios and has been an integral part of building the critical systems and processes within the Company, including the initial development of the translational network platform Govind is responsible for the Company`s operations with a strong focus on creating and retaining an organisational culture that truly reflects the spirit of Connexios. Govind has helped build systems and processes across the organisation including, R&D, HR and General Administration, that combine accountability and data intensity with creativity, transparency and efficiency. Govind`s training in Software and Bio-informatics has enabled him to create and contribute to the creation of several novel and proprietary systems that are tailored to the unique needs of an organisation like Connexios.