Business Strategy

Building a diversified and de-risked pipeline

Connexios is building a robust and diversified pipeline with multiple programs each of which modulates the “core” molecular networks underlying pathology in T2D and NASH. Collectively these programs have helped us create an unusually wide portfolio of valuable pre-clinical options each with its own unique Target Product Profile (TPP) that can be taken forward into the clinic and into the market to yield superior drug candidates with unique therapeutic value.

Our choices of mechanisms and targets are based on a careful articulation and evaluation of the potential TPP for each target program followed by screening for a large set of critical “markers” constituting the TPP using our Network Biology platform. This approach enables significant de-risking against failure due to lack of translation of efficacy in the clinic as well as due to potential target safety related issues. Each of our programs is thus designed to yield valuable candidates that meet specific needs in the clinic with a lower attrition level than seen typically.


Our commercialization model is built on a combination of proprietary development and partnering with leading companies in T2D and NASH to progress our preclinical pipeline to the clinic.

  • Asset partnering:  We are actively developing out-licensing partnerships with leading global pharmaceutical companies to progress select pre-clinical NCE programs in T2D into the clinic
  • Collaborations:  We are actively seeking to develop extensive collaborations that can combine drug discovery on the novel targets we have validated with research to identify additional novel targets by leveraging our unique Network Biology platform and capabilities.
  • Proprietary development:  We are progressing some of our leading T2D NCE programs into the clinic with the goal of seeking global partnerships after establishing proof-of-concept in the clinic.

Expanding Our Therapeutic Footprint

In addition, we are further widening the scope of our platform to incorporate cells in multiple other organs such as gut, the immune system, kidney etc. In the medium term these efforts will support the expansion of our research and discovery efforts to include multiple other disease areas beyond T2D and NASH.

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