Novel Targets

In addition to the drug discovery programs, Connexios has also qualified several novel targets for their therapeutic application in T2D. These targets modulate key molecular mechanisms that have been identified at Connexios as potential handles to impact dysregulated networks driving disease. These targets have been interrogated in vitro and in vivo and have demonstrated a robust modulation of cellular outcomes and physiological parameters in diseased animals.

These targets have been assessed and selected for druggability as well as for novelty and represent valuable start points for further discovery of potential therapeutics that fulfill the product profiles of the Next-generation Antidiabetics.

Novel target validation for developing Anti-Diabetic agents
Novel Targets
Target Qualification
Potential Clinical Benefit
NAD Metabolism
Anti-oxidant Machinery
Polyamine Metabolism
  • Detailed target biology and anti-diabetic mechanisms across multiple metabolic tissues have been generated using in silico system.
  • Extensive in vitro studies for initial proof of concept, using either over-expression or knockdown methods in our proprietary cell line systems under diabetic conditions
  • PoCin rodent model of diabetes (DIO mouse)
  • Novel pan tissue acting anti-diabetic agents to improve current standard of care and provide long term benefit by improving tissue/organ health and function.
  • Additional potential to be developed for managing and preventing diabetic complications